EFFECTO – for more effective foreign language learning


Teaching method

Whatever your reasons for taking a foreign language course – to refresh your existing knowledge, to learn industry terminology or to learn a foreign language to enter new markets – the unique EFFECTO method developed by Skrivanek for more effective foreign language learning will be useful in all cases.

EFFECTO is a patented language learning method developed for Skrivanek Holding SE Group language schools around the world. This method is special because it significantly increases the efficiency of language learning and is so exciting that it also improves students’ motivation to learn foreign languages.

The EFFECTO method is based on using the language in practical situations. We emphasise the development of active language skills (speaking and writing). Students develop practical foreign language skills and learning time is not spent doing theoretical exercises in workbooks.

The lesson plans and topics are based on the suggestions and needs of the group participants. Foreign language learning takes place in a comfortable environment, in a friendly atmosphere. Students work in pairs and groups. The lessons use a variety of exercises, games, puzzles, charades and other fun activities.

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