Individual lessons


Private lessons

Our learning habits and needs vary, which is why Skrivanek Training Centre offers not only group lessons, but also private lessons in foreign languages. If you want to learn a language quickly and efficiently, with the undivided attention of a teacher for the entire duration of the lesson, one-to-one language courses are the best choice. You can also learn relatively rare languages according to your proficiency level and interests. Individual language courses are available for adults and children – just apply!

Special offer

When attending individual foreign language courses for two, the tuition fee will be charged for one student only, the other student will be studying for free.

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In-person and distance learning



Individual lessons can be organised in person at the cosy office of Skrivanek in the centre of Riga, or remotely via Zoom, Skype or any other online tool that suits you.

The biggest advantage of online courses is that you can learn from anywhere in the world – all you need is a computer or mobile phone with internet connection. If you do not live in Riga, prefer to study at home after work or travel a lot, remote learning is a great solution.

Tailored learning content and intensity for you



Individual language courses have the advantage of tailored lessons to your interests, needs and preferences. This will be a tailor-made course programme, with the teacher assessing your current knowledge and tailoring the course content to your learning goals, to improve your grammar, writing, speaking, reading and listening skills in your chosen foreign language.

To make learning the language fun and to help you put it into practice straight away, the teacher will tailor the lessons to your individual interests and needs – for example, if you are passionate about a particular topic, or if you are learning the language for travel, communication with foreign colleagues or business partners, business correspondence at work, etc.

The length of a lesson is usually 90 minutes (two academic hours), but this can vary in individual courses, depending on your and your teacher’s possibilities, with you agreeing on the frequency, place and time.

The starting price for an individual remote lesson is EUR 51 – the price varies depending on the language chosen, the intensity of the lessons and the content of the programme.

Special EFFECTO teaching method


Teaching method

We work with EFFECTO, a unique method for successful foreign language learning, which is used in Skrivanek Holding SE Group language schools around the world and helps you learn languages faster and more efficiently. The method is based on acquiring language skills through interactive, creative tasks, training students to use language spontaneously and in various situations relevant to everyday life.

The teachers design the lessons in such a way that students consolidate the grammar of the language by putting it into practice immediately and are not afraid to speak. Writing, listening and reading skills are also developed during the lessons.

What languages can be learnt at Skrivanek?


Language courses at Skrivanek

Any foreign language is a challenge at first, but the more we learn new languages and expand our knowledge, the easier and more interesting it becomes.

Skrivanek Training Centre basic offer includes English, Latvian, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, German, Swedish and Russian language courses, but the range of foreign language courses is only wider when you choose individual lessons – there are also Estonian, Lithuanian, Danish, Ukrainian, Polish, Arabic and other language courses. Contact us and together we will make your wishes come true.

Courses for students with and without prior knowledge


Foreign language test

Individual language courses are available for students with prior knowledge to refresh or improve their language skills, and for those who want to learn a language from scratch.

You can find out your proficiency level with a teacher, but if you want to learn English or German language, take the free test on our website now.

Private English language lessons


English language courses

English is one of the most demanded and popular languages today. Skrivanek offers not only group English lessons, but also individual English courses, regardless of your proficiency level.

English language courses with our experienced teachers will lay a strong foundation for beginners, while if you want to gain a new proficiency level for professional development, there are also individual English language courses for proficient users, where the focus is on specific language use: business English for business conversations and company presentations, e-mail communication in English, learning how to structure an effective e-mail and follow language etiquettes to make a good impression, etc.

Successful learning of English and other languages is based on motivation and regularity – it is important to devote time to a foreign language every day and in a varied way, reinforcing the skills and knowledge acquired during the lessons. How quickly you learn English is very individual, but research shows that if you spend at least five hours a day, seven days a week learning English, you can go from a beginner to an academic level English user within a year.