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Skrivanek Training Centre


About Us

The Skrivanek Training Centre offers you the opportunity to learn foreign languages in a way that suits you. Our language courses are ideal for both individuals and companies who want to improve the foreign language skills of their employees. In addition, we have special camp programmes for children and youth that will help you learn foreign languages in a relaxed and enthusiastic way!

The Skrivanek Training Centre is set up under the auspices of Skrivanek Baltic, a certified translation agency.

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Our advantages


Our wide range of services allows us to develop tailor-made solutions for everyone, whether you need to learn a foreign language for personal needs, business growth or other purposes.

Teaching staff

The Skrivanek Training Centre employs only highly qualified teaching staff, all teachers are selected in strict compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system.


Our success is based on the unique EFFECTO method developed by Skrivanek for more effective foreign language learning. This method is special because it significantly increases the efficiency of language learning and is so exciting that it also improves students' motivation to learn foreign languages.


Our long-standing experience is a guarantee of long-term success, enabling each of our clients to fully master their chosen foreign language at the required level.

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