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Skrivanek Training Centre

Skrivanek Baltic is one of the largest language service providers not only in Latvia, but also in the world. Since 2007, alongside the translation agency, Skrivanek Training Centre has been operating, providing the opportunity to learn foreign languages with highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers. We organise various language courses for adults both in our office in the centre of Riga and remotely, and for children and youth in various day camps we show them that learning languages is exciting.

We offer English, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, German, Čeština pro cizince, Swedish and Russian group classes, while you can also learn Estonian, Lithuanian, Danish, Ukrainian, Polish, Arabic and many other languages on an individual basis. We also organise Latvian language courses for people whose language of communication is English or Russian. Come to us and together we will make your goals and aspirations come true and reach new heights!

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Why learn Latvian language at Skrivanek


Our advantages

It is important for us to give our clients all the support they need to learn a new language, so we have thought about different learning formats when designing our courses and teaching methods – taking into account participants’ individual preferences, interests and backgrounds, daily rhythms and availability.

We are also ready to develop tailor-made solutions, whether you need to learn a foreign language for personal needs, business development or other purposes.

Experience and excellence

The key to our success is our experience and our commitment to excellence, taking care of our clients professionally, thoughtfully and responsibly. Skrivanek continuously keeps abreast of industry innovations and acquires additional skills and knowledge to work in a modern and efficient way. We expect the same attitude to work from our staff. The training centre employs only highly qualified trainers who have been selected in strict compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system.

A unique teaching method

Our language courses use EFFECTO , a unique teaching method developed in-house to help you learn languages quickly and efficiently in Skrivanek Holding SE Group language schools around the world. The Skrivanek team has made fun and enthusiasm one of the prerequisites for successful language learning – the method is based on acquiring language knowledge through interactive and creative exercises. Together with the teacher, students actively practise their ability to use language spontaneously and in everyday situations, developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Language courses in Riga


Courses in-person

If you like to combine language learning with meeting new people, group classes are the best choice. Each language course group is small – 6 to 12 participants – so you’ll not only get a learning support team, but you’ll also get plenty of time and attention from the teacher.

These language courses are organised in autumn and spring for those with and without prior knowledge, and take place on Saturdays in our cosy office at Lāčplēša iela 87C.

Online valodu kursi


Courses on Zoom

For students who do not live in Riga or prefer to study at home after the working day, we offer Zoom language courses. The main benefit of online courses is the possibility to study from anywhere in the world – you won’t have to miss classes during holidays or business trips. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or phone. Online language courses are available for both individuals and groups. Group classes are held twice a week on weekdays.

Individual language courses


Private lessons

If you need to learn a language quickly and efficiently, with the undivided attention of a tutor for the entire lesson, we recommend private foreign language lessons. This way you can learn even relatively rare languages, and in a way that suits your level of proficiency, interests and needs.

Individual language courses are tailor-made courses, where the tutor assesses your knowledge and adapts the course content to your goals. The tutor can plan the lessons so that the language is immediately useful and practical – for example, if you are interested in a particular topic or industry, need to learn the language for travel, communication with foreign colleagues and business partners, business correspondence, presentations at work, etc.

In individual courses, you and your tutor will decide how long the lesson is, how many times a week you meet, whether the course is in-person or online.

Special offer

When attending individual foreign language courses for two, the tuition fee will be charged for one student only, the other student will be studying for free.

Intensive language courses


Summer language courses

In the summer, intensive language courses are offered. This is a great option for those who need to acquire language skills quickly or who can’t find time in their daily routine to study. You will spend one month learning the language, with classes four times a week in the mornings or evenings.

Although this schedule can be intimidating at first, we guarantee that you will not only gain language skills with the Skrivanek tutors, but also have fun. The courses are conducted in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere through interactive exercises, games and conversations.

Language courses for beginners


Without prior knowledge

There’s no need to be afraid of learning a foreign language from scratch. The main thing is to be interested and motivated. In our experience, a strong and solid language foundation is best laid with an experienced teacher, which is why Skrivanek offers language courses for beginners.

Our teaching method means that students learn to apply the language practically in the very first lessons. The courses use listening, writing and reading exercises, but the emphasis is on speaking, as the basis of any language is communication.

5 reasons to learn foreign languages already now.


Improve native language skills

However unusual it may be, one of the advantages of learning a foreign language is a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of one’s own language and its culture and traditions. During the course, you will also notice that you use your mother tongue more consciously, pay attention to grammar and sentence structures, and expand your vocabulary.

Develop cognitive abilities

Research shows that people who speak more than one language have better memories and faster brain function, are more creative and better problem solvers. These are benefits that not only make it easier to learn new languages, but also help in any situation in life. In today’s fast-paced life, the ability to switch quickly from one task to another will be useful.

Different travel experience

Even at a conversational level, knowledge of languages helps you to have a more authentic travel experience by finding better places to stay, getting to know people and finding cafés and cultural venues that are popular with locals rather than tourist groups. You’ll soon find that showing respect for the country you’re visiting and speaking its language will help you get a friendlier and more receptive attitude from the people around you. In addition, your language skills will improve considerably during your trip.

More career opportunities

Any new foreign language opens the door to more career opportunities and professional development. Today, companies are mainly operating in several countries at the same time, and one of the prerequisites for this is employees who speak at least one foreign language. Even when applying for a position in a small local company, knowledge of a foreign language can be a significant plus.

Nowadays, the younger generation takes English for granted, so employees who know at least three foreign languages are valued more highly. Scandinavian languages are popular in our region, but German, Polish, French, Russian and other languages are also in demand.

It only gets easier with each new language

When you start learning a new language, you need to learn new vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar rules, even how to use your mouth and tongue differently to get the pronunciation right. All this is a challenge. The good news is that no language is unique. Experts often recommend Romance languages for beginners. If you start with French, when you move on to Italian or Spanish, you will see how grammatical structures, pronunciation principles and words are repeated in related languages.

All you have to do is give your first language course a chance! Check out what Skrivanek has to offer on our website and get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions.

Latvian language courses for adults


Latvian language

Knowing Latvian is golden these days, which is why we have developed a variety of Latvian courses for beginners and students with prior knowledge, both in person and remotely, including courses where Latvian skills are taught for a specific purpose, such as working in a specific industry or profession, preparing for study abroad, etc.

With Latvian courses, you will broaden your horizons and gain new opportunities, both professionally and privately – Latvian language skills are essential to increase your competitiveness in the job market, to make international contacts, meet new people, provide a wealth of information resources in any field and industry, help you when travelling and give you access to a wide range of entertainment and cultural activities.

Find out your proficiency level for free


English language test

You can learn English with us at any language proficiency level (A1-C1). You can find out your level and choose the best course for you by taking the free English test on our website, which takes about 45 minutes to complete. You will receive the results electronically in your email. The same test is also available for German speakers.

Special Business English courses


Business English

If you know English but want to improve your level for work, we also offer English courses for proficient speakers, focusing on specific applications of the language, such as Business English for successful business negotiations and presentations, Email Etiquette for learning how to structure an effective email to make a good impression, etc.

Learn English in Malta


Language courses abroad

If you want your English course to be an adventure, join us for an English course in sunny Malta. These study trips are available for ages 13 and up. The first half of the day is spent in English classes, followed by a variety of activities and excursions to discover Malta and its culture. It is a great opportunity to combine travel and English language learning, as well as to meet new people and broaden your horizons.

English conversation club


Conversation club

English is the mother tongue of more than 400 million people and the best way to learn the language and strengthen your skills is to be in an environment where English is spoken.

The Skrivanek English Conversation Club will help you improve your speaking and listening skills with a foreign teacher. During the lessons, participants talk about a variety of topics, take part in role-plays and discussions, learn vocabulary, idioms and sentence structures and practise using them actively in both casual and formal situations.