Latvian language courses for adults


Latvian language courses

The Skrivanek Training Centre not only offers various language courses for Latvian speakers, but also helps people who need to acquire Latvian language skills and prepare for the Latvian language exam of the National Centre for Education, and others who, for example, need to improve their Latvian language skills for work purposes. Latvian language courses are taught via English or Russian.

We offer Latvian language learning for adults in groups and individual lessons in person or remotely online. You can choose the most suitable courses depending on your proficiency level, needs and possibilities.

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Īpaša mācību metode efektīvai valodas apguvei


Mācību metode

Thanks to the many years of experience of Skrivanek in the field of language services and training, we have developed a special EFFECTO teaching method based on the systematic, multifaceted development of language skills – speaking, writing, listening and reading – through tasks that develop the ability to use language spontaneously and in a variety of everyday situations.

The Latvian language courses are conducted in a relaxed, creative atmosphere, with students interactively involved in the lesson. In addition, the course programme and topics are designed according to the interests and needs of the particular group of participants, for example if the language is to be learnt for travel or for work in a particular industry.

Latviešu valodas kursi iesācējiem


Bez priekšzināšanām

The easiest and most appropriate way to learn a language for the first time is with an experienced teacher who will establish a systematic foundation in the language.

Working according to the EFECTO method, our teachers design the course programmes in such a way that students effectively consolidate Latvian grammar, immediately learn to use it in practice, actively improve their speaking skills and continuously expand their vocabulary. In a relaxed atmosphere, listening, writing and reading tasks are completed, and conversations and dialogues are created according to the proficiency level at the time. The most important thing is not to be afraid to make mistakes – to use the language a lot and regularly and not to worry about pronunciation inaccuracies or errors in grammatical structures.

Latviešu valodas kursi Rīgā


Kursi klātienē

Group lessons are organised in person in our cosy office in the centre of Riga. There are 6 to 12 people in a group, so you will have a small but motivated group to learn Latvian language with, supporting each other.

Latvian language courses are available for people with and without prior knowledge, and classes are held twice a week on weekdays in the afternoon or evening, as well as on Saturdays.

Latviešu valodas kursi online


Kursi tiešsaistē

If you do not live in Riga or are often out of the country, you can also learn Latvian language remotely using the online Zoom programme. The biggest benefit of these courses is that you can learn from anywhere in the world without having to worry about how to fit the lessons into your daily schedule. Both group and individual lessons are available online.

Individuālie latviešu valodas kursi un privātstundas


Individuālie kursi

If you need to learn Latvian language quickly and efficiently and want the undivided attention of a teacher, we also offer individual lessons. Based on your proficiency level, needs and interests, we will tailor a course programme that will help you learn the language from scratch or develop and improve your existing language skills.

One lesson usually lasts 90 minutes (two academic hours), but our teachers are open and you can agree together on how to organise your schedule during the individual courses.

Special offer

When attending individual Latvian language courses for two, the tuition fee will be charged for one student only, the other student will be studying for free.

Cik sarežģīta ir latviešu valoda?


Latviešu valodas apguve

People choose to learn Latvian language for a variety of reasons: it is important to have a good command of the national language for work, it is nice to show respect and to please your fellow native speakers when studying at one of our universities or when starting life in Latvia.

Latvian language belongs to the Indo-European language family and is one of the oldest European languages. Today, only Lithuanian language is related to Latvian, and these two languages form a separate group of Baltic languages.

Although the sound of our national language, our national history and cultural traditions are a source of interest in the Latvian language, it cannot be denied that Latvian grammar is one of the most complex in the world. The Latvian language has many conjugations, and the pronunciation of long vowels and soft consonants and sentence constructions with genitives not known in other languages are usually difficult.

Kā ātrāk apgūt latviešu valodu?


Latviešu valodas apguve

To learn Latvian language more quickly and easily, it is best to learn it in a varied way. It is important that you not only repeat what you learn in lesson at home, but also bring the language into your everyday life. First, speak a lot and regularly in Latvian without worrying about pronunciation inaccuracies or incorrect grammatical constructions. Use the language skills acquired in the course in a variety of everyday situations – communicating with native speakers, learning about the Latvian language together with its culture and traditions. Media, television, cinema, books, radio, theatre performances are all great tools for expanding your language skills.

Skrivanek valodu kursu piedāvājums


Svešvalodu kursi Skrivanek

The Skrivanek Training Centre offers English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, German and Russian language courses in groups, but the possibilities for individual courses are even wider – you can also learn Estonian, Lithuanian, Danish, Ukrainian, Polish, Arabic and more languages with our teachers. We are always happy to make our clients’ language learning ideas come true!

Foreign language courses are a valuable investment in self-development – broadening your horizons and openness to the diversity of the world, opening up new job opportunities and career challenges, and a great opportunity to keep your mind sharp and train your memory after graduation.

Biežāk uzdotie jautājumi


Jautājumi un atbildes

Why to learn Latvian language?

Although Latvian language is a rather difficult language due to its variety of grammatical forms to learn as a foreign language, learning Latvian can give you a deeper insight into Latvia, its history and culture. Of course, learning Latvian language will also give you better job opportunities and greater competitiveness in the Latvian labour market, as well as help you to integrate easily into society in the short term if you decide to link your professional and private life with Latvia.

How quickly can one learn Latvian language?

There is no single answer to this question, as it depends on individual ability, time and motivation. There are some people who learn Latvian language very easily and quickly in everyday socialising; others find it more difficult and take longer. The most important thing is patience and practice in learning and in real-life situations. If there is motivation and a practical environment around one, the basic level of Latvian language can usually be acquired in about half a year or a year. Higher levels with prior knowledge can be acquired in even less time if more time is spent in an in-depth learning environment.

What types of Latvian language courses are available for individuals and companies?

There are different types of Latvian language courses available for individuals to suit different needs and interests. You can take Latvian language courses in a group, one-to-one individual lessons, individual lessons with a friend or colleague. You can learn Latvian language for work, travel, socialising, or take Latvian language courses to prepare for the national language proficiency test. We also offer a wide range of Latvian language courses for companies. The most popular are courses in business Latvian and courses in Latvian as a foreign language (via an intermediary language) for foreign nationals to carry out their work duties in an international company. Courses are organised in evening groups for individuals or by arranging study time for company employees. Individual lessons are organised according to an individual schedule, adapting to the client’s wishes, so that everyone can join the course that suits them best. Latvian language courses are currently available both online and in person for individual lessons.

Are individual Latvian language courses also available?

We offer one-to-one Latvian language courses for everyone at a time to suit your interests, needs and preferences. You can learn general Latvian, business Latvian, specialised Latvian, e.g. for medical professionals, Latvian as a foreign language for foreign nationals (via an intermediary language), and prepare for the national language proficiency test.

Are Latvian language courses available at weekends?

Those who wish to attend Skrivanek Baltic Latvian language courses at weekends can apply for individual Latvian language courses on Saturdays. This is a great option for those who are keen to learn Latvian language but work schedules and other commitments do not allow it on weekdays.

Are there Latvian language camps for children?

During school holidays and in the summer, parents can enrol their children in Skrivanek Baltic Latvian language camps. Latvian language learning in our Latvian language camps is not only about repeating and consolidating previous knowledge, it will be about learning new knowledge through games, educational activities, improving language skills through conversations, games, competitions and other activities.

Interesting facts about the Latvian language.

About 1.5 million people speak Latvian, and outside Latvia the largest numbers of Latvian speakers are in Ireland, Australia, the USA, Sweden, the UK, Germany and Brazil. New words are still being coined in Latvian, such as “dūknis” for “drone” and “džampucis” for “hoodie”), “klupne” and “klupnīte” for “error”. In 2022 the word of the year was “okupeklis”, i.e. a monument as a remnant of the occupation period, while the Board of the Riga Latvian Society ironically chose the winged expression of 2022 – “gājēju pārbrauktuve”, which directly translating would sound as a place on the road where one could run over pedestrians.

How to determine the level of Latvian language proficiency?

There are various ways to determine the level of Latvian language proficiency. One of them is the level test. Many language schools and universities offer this test on their websites. After taking the test, you will know your level of Latvian. The other way is the Latvian language exam or full language audit, which tests your knowledge of grammar, reading, writing and speaking skills. If you have Latvian friends, colleagues or family members, you can ask them to assess your pronunciation, grammatical correctness and vocabulary.

What are the levels of Latvian language proficiency?

There are six levels of proficiency as defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – A1 Beginner, A2 Elementary, B1 Intermediate, B2 Upper-intermediate, C1 Advanced, C2 Mastery. The National Centre for Education has defined similar levels of the national language proficiency test by grade: first (lowest) grade – A1 and A2; second (intermediate) grade – B1 and B2; third (highest) grade – C1 and C2.

How much do Latvian language courses cost?

The price of Latvian language courses depends on your preferences and Latvian language learning plans. It depends on the type of course, for example whether it is a group course or individual lessons, whether it is in person or distance learning online. The price is also determined by whether the teacher specialises in teaching Latvian language proficiency test courses or is experienced in teaching Latvian as a foreign language through an intermediate language such as English.

What do our clients say about Skrivanek Baltic Latvian language courses?

Students have praised Skrivanek Baltic Latvian language courses! The most appreciated are the teachers’ qualifications, experience, punctuality and professionalism in communicating with students. In addition, the fast organisation of work and the quality of the teaching content in line with modern requirements are highly appreciated. The professionally taught content has helped many of our students to improve their competitiveness in the labour market, integrate into Latvian society, as well as to study and study in Latvian educational institutions.