Foreign language proficiency levels


Language proficiency levels

Skrivanek Training Centre courses are based on the principles of the European Council document The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR). The European Council’s material is intended for language learning planning, addressing the relevance of language proficiency to the education system, learning objectives and content, for language certification planning, including the content of examination programmes and assessment criteria, and for language acquisition through self-learning, helping to set realistic goals, select learning materials and self-assess how language skills have developed during learning.

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Six language levels


CEFR levels

The CEFR defines six language levels, based on the traditional divisions – basic, intermediate and proficient – which also guide the Skrivanek Training Centre and our Language School.

The aim of the language proficiency audit is to create six groups of students based on their language knowledge, skills and level of language acquisition, using the criteria defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

A: BASIC (A1, A2)






Language proficiency levels and their characteristics


Free English language test


English level test

Skrivanek Training Centre offers English language learning for adults in a variety of formats – group classes and individual lessons, in person and remotely – from A1 to C1 proficiency level, depending on whether you are a beginner with no prior knowledge or want to refresh your existing language skills and improve your proficiency level.

If you have learnt English before, use it at work, at school, but want to improve your English skills on a course, we offer you a free English test on our website that will take you just 45 minutes to complete and you will receive your results shortly afterwards by e-mail to find out your proficiency level. Such a test is also available for German speakers.

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Mācību metode

With Skrivanek courses, your language level and skills will grow quickly and efficiently thanks to EFFECTO, our teaching method for better foreign language learning.

Our language courses are based on developing active language skills – speaking and writing, listening and reading – through interactive exercises in a creative, relaxed atmosphere. From the very first lesson, teachers encourage students to speak, express their opinions and read and listen to texts on a variety of topics – understandably, according to their current level of knowledge. The success of the method we have developed is based on the idea that the students, not the teacher, do all the talking during lessons, training participants to use language spontaneously in a variety of everyday situations.