Effecto – a truly effective method for learning foreign languages

For more than fifteen years, Skrivanek Training Centre has been organising and offering foreign language training for individuals and companies. Over the years, our teachers have gained valuable experience and insights into the most effective methods for making foreign language learning fun and productive. Based on this experience and knowledge, Skrivanek Training Centre has developed a unique method – Effecto – which we have been using successfully in language lessons since 2014.

About the EFFECTO teaching method

The Effecto method is characterised by five key elements, without which no lesson is imaginable – activity, inspiration, fun, individual approach and guarantee.

The first element of the Effecto method – activity – engages everyone in a dynamic activity with a variety of tasks from the very first minutes. Every minute is carefully planned so that every participant is engaged in conversation, discussion, debate and opinion exchange. Grammar and vocabulary learning has also long ceased to be academic and “learnt by heart”, but practical and interactive, simulating various real-life situations. By actively practising all four language skills, through role-plays, business and everyday situations, writing formal or informal e-mails or listening to presentations, everyone sees and uses the rules of the language in a practical context. Effecto activity in lessons prepares everyone for real life situations!

The teachers at Skrivanek are professionals who are passionate about what they do. Thus, the next two elements of the Effecto method – inspiration and fun – are at the heart of the creative working style of our teachers, which liberates and motivates so many students. Although it may seem that having fun is not serious, it is a wonderful way of creating a relaxed and cohesive atmosphere. This aspect is powerful because it helps not only to understand, learn and remember, but also to overcome psychological fears of using the language and to increase self-confidence that the language can be spoken without the stigma of making mistakes. Our teachers are always encouraging and inspirational, with ideas such as a fun but valuable video for learning a language, or an app to practice a language outside lessons in a fun and entertaining way.

The Effecto method also includes a personalised approach to all language learning. This means that the course programmes developed by Skrivanek Training Centre can always be changed and expanded, respecting students’ wishes and needs. If, for example, a general language course is attended but students express a wish to add topics required for work, then this course will be expanded to include elements of an applied language course, such as e-mail correspondence or participation in international conferences. In addition, our teachers use a variety of resources to prepare the content and activities – it is not just one textbook, but a collection of combined learning materials specifically tailored to students’ preferences, needs and interests.

Everyone wants to make investments that are long-term productive. We have also considered this important aspect – the Effecto method guarantees productive language learning. Each lesson is carefully structured with the aim of improving all language skills – speaking, writing, listening and reading. We always clearly state the purpose of the lesson so that students understand why a particular topic or task is being explained and practised. Repetition of previously learned material, homework and themed tests are also the basis of the guarantee of foreign language learning, but this approach is far from being a control tool, but an element of self-testing, allowing course participants to evaluate their progress in the present moment and in the future. Well-planned lessons with meaningful tasks and activities guarantee growth and productivity in foreign language learning!

The Effecto method developed by Skrivanek Training Centre is the result of many years of professional experience, with the needs and wishes of our clients in mind. We are convinced that Effecto is the most effective and advanced method for learning foreign languages because it is based on real experience and the result of our work – our clients learn the language and are able to use it for their needs in everyday life, in interest groups or in work situations. Language courses organised by Skrivanek Training Centre are foreign language courses for heart and career!